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June 11–15*

Interpreting Master Painting into Mosaics

Instructor: Yulia Hanansen

All Levels

$645 Member | $675 Non-Member

Class Time: Sunday–Thursday

*Note: The dates for this workshop have changed since the release of the catalog. The session will now run June 11-15, 2017.

Whether it is Van Gogh's Starry Night, a watercolor landscape by Sargent, or a portrait by Rembrandt, many of these artworks can be effectively translated into a mosaic medium. You will learn how to decipher the sequence in which the artwork was created, how to start, follow through, and add finishing touches to your mosaic and how to pick out proper colors and assign effective andamento (the flow). To ease the process of translation we will practice a double reverse method and work directly over the image. Because the layout takes place right on top of the image and the pieces are adhered to a sticky film first, the method makes the color and shape matching less complicated and the whole layout process faster. After the layout is complete, the mosaic is securely adhered to a permanent substrate. Stained glass is used for creating these mosaics. Individual instruction is supplemented with demonstrations on cutting and layout, and a trip to the Youghiogheny Glass Factory. Images are provided by the instructor.

Yulia Hanansen is an internationally known, award-winning artist and educator with lifetime experience in fine arts. Her studio, Mosaic Sphere, produces mosaic artwork for private and public spaces. Since 2001, Yulia has been instructing mosaic classes at her studio and as a guest artist at studios and schools throughout the United States, including Unicorn Art Studio, Maverick Mosaics, Ciel Gallery, Cape Cod Mosaics, and Society of American Mosaic Artists conferences. In addition to teaching mosaics, Yulia is a printmaking professor at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. Yulia’s artworks have been exhibited in multiple invitational and solo shows, and collected by patrons around the world. Her current work focuses on fusion of Earth and planetary sciences and art. Yulia practices her art in mosaic, printmaking, drawing, and painting.

July 31–August 4

Adventures Creating Bas Relief and Three-Dimensional Substrates for Mosaics

Instructor: Laura Lyn Stern

All Levels

$545 Member | $575 Non-Member

Class Time: Monday–Friday

Open to sculptors and mosaicists, you will design and construct high relief and fully three-dimensional substrates by using easily accessible materials. We will rethink the relationship between substrates and covering materials, and design forms that complement their finished mosaic skin. You will construct 2 substrates and then commence mosaic work.

Laura Lyn Stern is a Philadelphia-based educator and mosaic artist. Her artwork utilizes high bas relief, unconventional materials, and skillful design approaches. Laura Lyn works with both project installation and object oriented pieces. She has designed collections for Metaphor Bronze Tile and Wilton Armetale in addition to showing her work in numerous exhibitions and galleries.

September 15–18

Exterior Mosaics: Two-Dimensional and Bas Relief Projects

Instructor: Bonnie Fitzgerald

All Levels*

$425 Member | $455 Non-Member

$40 Supply Fee 

Class Time: Friday–Monday

Go outside with your mosaics! This workshop covers everything you need to know about creating professional caliber mosaics to withstand moisture and freeze-thaw cycles in exterior environments. You may also explore dimensional works by creating multiple substrate layers. Class lecture includes important information about selecting substrates and fixatives that will endure weather year round.

On Friday night, we begin with a picture presentation and lecture covering technical considerations, design principles, and case studies. We review all materials suited for exterior work, including testing materials. Saturday and Sunday is spent designing our mosaic and preparing our substrate and materials. Then, we create it. Monday, is devoted to grouting and discussing finishing tips and tricks.

The adhesive used is exterior grade thin-set mortar and our substrate is Wedi board, an all-weather, industry approved, cementitious product. You may choose a 12 inch by 12 inch square or 14 inch by 11 inch rectangle as a base and additional Wedi to construct layers. You can easily cut Wedi into almost any shape—you are not limited to a square or rectangle, we just begin there! The recommended project size is with our time frame in mind and with an eye to students completing their mosaics during workshop hours. Lots of personal mentoring and no question will go unanswered.

* Previous mosaic and/or stained glass experience is helpful, but not required. Click the supply fee link to learn more about what students are required to bring to class and/or what is provided by the instructor.

Bonnie Fitzgerald is an artist, teacher, and author. She teaches mosaic workshops throughout North America, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and leads study tours to destinations in Europe. She is the author of Guide to Mosaic Techniques (2015) and 300+ Mosaic Tips, Techniques, Templates, and Trade Secrets (2012), which has been translated into five languages. The majority of her mosaic commission works are large-scale exterior works.

September 22–25

Dalle de Verre: Out of the Thick and Into the Thin of It

Instructor: Claire Brill

All Levels

$375 Member | $405 Non-Member

Class Time: Friday–Monday

One person’s trash can be the same person’s treasure. While learning to facet the richly colored, inch-thick Dalle de Verre (French for slab of glass), Claire discovered that the residual chips are themselves visually compelling raw mosaic materials. This workshop will cover the use of the faceting hammer; exploration of the effect of different substrates under chips (reflective materials, clear glass); and experimentation with chip placement to blend colors, create high dimension, and invent new amento (lines or flow of pieces). Come open to working abstractly and exploring the wondrously luminous Dalle.

In and around her hometown (Media, Pennsylvania), Claire Brill first pursued mosaics for their community art potential. After more than twenty large-scale collective installations, nine years and two babies, Claire now increasingly focuses on her own voice as an artist. Accolades include works at the University of Pennsylvania Museum and selected for the Mosaics Arts International Exhibition. Claire’s work is boldly expressive, marrying her love of nature with the sparkly, reflective, deeply colorful, transparent nature of Dalle de Verre.

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